Unibet Premier League 11th Matchweek: Sign up for Football Boost Odds

Every matchweek, the Premier League gets more exciting. With 10 games gone, the aspirations of each of the teams are beginning to become clearer. In that sense, it is always interesting to be able to play with our bets here. That’s why Unibet often launches special promotions for the Premier League, such as Odds Boosts, and today we’ll tell you which ones are available for this matchweek 11th. Join now!

Unibet premier league

Take advantage of the Odds Boost on the 11th Premier League fixture at Unibet UK

The Premier League continues with all the excitement to which we are accustomed. After 10 games, Chelsea is the leader. Liverpool have also proved to be a solid team, and they are the main chasing team at the 11th matchday, only 3 points behind.

Unibet knows very well what the Premier League generates among users, and that’s why we have a special offer for the 11th date, which we’ll tell you about below. This is essentially a Boost Odds offer. This means that on a given bet the bookmaker will guarantee a bonus payout if that bet is correct.

In particular, on this 11th date of the Premier League, Unibet offers us a bet with increased odds for a combined bet on three winners of their respective matches: Arsenal, Leicester and Tottenham. These three teams will play simultaneously on Sunday, November 7, at 2:00PM.

The games are expected to be very evenly matched, making it difficult to make an accurate prediction. In any case, the chances of victory for the three selected teams are quite high, considering the opponents they will face.

Arsenal, who are fighting to qualify for the international cups, will play at home against Watford, who are fighting to avoid relegation. Tottenham visit Everton in a clash of mid-table teams. Finally, Leicester, the team that caused a surprise a few years ago, will face Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds, who have not had the best start to the season.

In order to take part in the increased odds betting promotion on this combined match, you will need to register at Unibet. If you are already registered, simply log in and go to the Sportsbook, looking for the offer under the “Odds Boost” tab. The guaranteed payout on a hit on this bet is 9/1.

Unibet Premier League 11th