Unibet American Football: Betting on the Boost Odds combinations

Are you a fan of American Football, do you also like betting? Then Unibet UK is the place to play your bets. Here you will constantly find promotions for all sports, and this is no exception. That’s why today we’re bringing you everything you need to know about the increased odds for American Football multi bets at Unibet UK. Sign up now and start participating!

Unibet American Football Odds

Place your pool bet on one of the selections with Boost Odds and boost your winnings on American Football at Unibet

American Football is going through its regular phase. Both the national conference and the American conference are in the middle of week 9, with very interesting matches.

The teams are still fighting to get tickets to the Playoffs, and remain in the race to reach the Super Bowl. This, of course, attracts the attention of users and adds followers and bettors every day for the competition. Unibet is well aware of this, which is why they have launched a special offer for American Football.

In this case, the offer in question has to do with Boost Odds. These are increased odds, with a guaranteed payout of 9/1 for a successful matched bet previously set by the house.

In this case, for week 9, the selections of combined bets with Boost Odds are 2. The first one, is a combined bet on the winner of the respective games that Cincinatti Bengals, Las Vegas Raiders & Minnesota Vikings will play. These matches will be played at 6:00pm (UK time).

The second increased odds betting slip is on the completion of a Touchdown by three players in particular. In this case, then, the bet will be on such touchdowns by Dalvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings, Nick Chubb of the Cleveland Browns and Melvin Gordon of the Denver Broncos.

If you choose to bet on either of these two Unibet American Football pools, your payout of 9/1 is guaranteed on a win. All you have to do is register now at Unibet UK, log in to the Sportsbook and look for these bets in the Boost Odds.


Unibet American Football