Unibet NBA Season Start: Take Advantage of Odds Boost

The NBA season is about to begin, and expectations are rising. This Tuesday, October 19, the first NBA games of the 2021-2022 season will take place, and the start is as exciting as Unibet ‘s increased odds. In this article we particularly want to talk about the special offers that Unibet UK has launched for the start of the best basketball league in the world. The “Season Start Boost”, as Unibet called it, is an improved odds if you decide to bet right now on the site’s special betting selections. Register Now!

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Odds Boost at Unibet UK

Bet on the start of the NBA season at Unibet: Win big prizes!

At the same time that the NBA will be turning 75 years old, the ball will start bouncing in the major arenas that will host firsts games of the 2021-2022 competition. The new season comes with high expectations for all teams. After the championship won by Milwaukee, led by star player Giannis Antetokoumpo, the team is going for more. But on the other side of the street, big teams are waiting to win the ring at the end of the season.

As you can see, we have an exciting NBA season ahead of us, and around the start of the season Unibet has launched its special offers. You can find all the Odds Boost in the Unibet Sportsbook, in the dedicated section. There you can find some selected offers that pay really well, in case you get your prediction right. For example, if you want to bet on a possible two-time champion Milwaukee today, Unibet is paying 9/1 on that possibility.

You will also have the option to bet on Kevin Durant as MVP of the Regular Season, or Damian Lillard as the top scorer of the season (Points per game). All these bets have Odds Boost of 9/1. Of course, if you intend to participate in these offers, the first thing to do is register now at Unibet!

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