Mansion Casino welcome bonus: get up to your £200 deposit

Mansion Casino welcome bonus: get up to your £200 deposit

Did you always think that bookmakers did not offer enough for casino lovers? With Mansion Casino’s welcome bonus, you will get up to your £200 first deposit in casino games or slots. Besides, it applies to casino or slots, and only to those two, not to any sports bets.

Would you like to find out how to participate and what does Mansion Casino offers? Then do not miss the following information that will be quite handy for you as a player. Always with apuestasfree, as our readers recommend it.

MansionCasino welcome bonus
Get your 100% deposit of up to £200 with MansionCasino welcome bonus.

About MansionCasino and the welcome offer

As you may know already, this is the first step in order to know everything about a sign up offer like these: getting to know the bookie you are using and some basics about the bonus. And also, you may be aware that Mansion Bet is one of the most valued bookmakers in the whole market, with years and years of experience and loads of awards won. They have the best customer service in the year 2020, meaning that we are talking about a huge bookie in terms of service.

Also, if you watched football recently, you will know that Mansion Bet sponsored for some years Premier League teams like Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace or Bournemouth AFC and having partnerships with other teams.

But enough talking about theory. Let’s get to practice and tell you about the welcome bonus they are offering for new customers. With a minimum first deposit of £20 (and a maximum of £200), you will get up to your 100% of that deposit. Of course, some restrictions apply that will be explained later, but basically it only applies to casino and you must bet x40 before withdrawing.

Terms and conditions

Just some basic information you are fully aware how this Mansion Casino welcome bonus works. Some of them you will know, specially if you have bet before, but some other will be new for you and therefore you will get to know them.

  1. Promotion available for new customers only. Second, you need to be at least 18 years old to enjoy this promo. Learn how to join.
  2. All the information you enter during the registration process must be verified before you can use any promotion, with the purpose to check it is true and prove it.
  3. The minimum amount of your first deposit must be £20 so the welcome bonus can apply to your account.
  4. Mansion Casino ‘Terms and conditions‘ of this promo will always apply unless stated otherwise. In that matter, they will be used together with the General Terms and Conditions.
  5. Such welcome promotion cannot be used in any other casino bonuses until the bet of this welcome bonus has been made before.
  6. Once the deposit is done (minimum of £20), please wait until your info is verified. After that, the Mansion Casino welcome bonus will directly appear on your account.
  7. In order to withdraw from your money balance, you will need to bet x40 the bonus entered. In each case, it will depend on what kind of games you bet so the corresponding percentage can apply. For example, if you bet £5 in slots, £5 will be deducted from the amount needed to withdraw the bonus. On the other hand, if you bet £5 in roulette games, only £1.25 will be diminished.

To check what kind of games fully applies to the deduction, please see the image below. Some games will apply 100% of the deduction, but some other will use a 25% or even no deduction at all.

Game typeStake percentage deduction
Slots (any varieties)100%
Casino Hold ‘Em (all varieties)25%
Lucky Wheel5%
Video poker and all double options0%
All other games100%

As you can see, some games are more valued than others, and so the percentage deduction is not the same when you play Lucky Wheel than any kind of slots. That is because that way you will be able to manage your welcome bonus without wasting it all in just one stake.

Mansion Casino welcome bonusJoin now and get 100% of your deposit up to £200.

Other bonus terms and conditions

Now that everything is clear about basic terms and conditions, we need to tell you a bit more about boring stuff. But keep in mind that these points will make you know all you need to know about bets in general. In this case, with Mansion Casino and its welcome bonus.

In order to be eligible to enjoy the sign up offer and get up to your 100% deposit, you need to know that:

  • Payment methods like Paypal, Neteller or similar are absolutely excluded. Virtual money like Bitcoin is also excluded.
  • Trying to withdraw money from your account before completing the wagering requirements will mean the loss of the whole bonus.
  • Gambling restrictions: when you are using the bonus, you will not be allowed to bet more than £5 on slots and more than £0.5 in Bet live poker.
  • The Mansion Casino welcome bonus will expire after 30 days from its activation. Therefore, you have a month to wisely make use of that promo!
  • In case you notice any problems, please contact Mansion Bet customer service.
  • Any methodology to take advantage or to fraud the system by means of a bug in the website or similar will be detected. Any suspicious activity may constitute game abuse and will not be taken into account to enjoy the bonus.
Mansion bet Welcome bonus
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Other MansionCasino promos

We hope that all this information was in any way useful to your understanding of the game. If that is the case and you trust us enough now, you might like to hear about other promotions Mansion Casino is offering. For example, do not miss Wild Wednesdays if you want to win an extra £20 weekly in prizes, just by betting £20 or more and the code ‘HUMPDAY‘. Or try the updated Drops & Wins, with new prizes and a huge jackpot of £2,000,000! But make sure you bet today!

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