How to start playing with Pokerstars?

We are quite sure that you have always wondered how to start playing with Pokerstars. Maybe because you have seen an advert on television or somewhere else, and you are such a big poker fan. Luckily for you, there are two things that will make you smile today

Pokerstars is one of the best bookies when it comes to poker games, offering one of the best experiences in gambling. You will be connected with other players all over the world, any time or any day. 

Also, but not less important, we are here to explain and show you how to start playing with Pokerstars. In detail and in a way you can follow step by step, we will unveil the secrets and the process by which you will become a member of Pokerstars. As you know, always with apuestasfree, your reference site when it comes bets.  

Lets go! 

Before you start playing with Pokerstars

As a preface, it will be good for you to have some background about Pokerstars and where they come from. Some players do not have it, but since we are here to give you enough reasons to love Pokerstars, it will be good for your own sake

You must know that Pokerstars is not one of the oldest bookies in the world, so it does not possess that antique factor. On the other hand, what Pokerstars does possess is the quality of its games and the poker section overall. As one of the top 3 poker bookies in the world for sure, Pokerstars got there thanks to its effort and the amazing feedback from the players. 

Nowadays, Pokerstars is the main sponsor of some major poker events and other sports tournaments, like snooker or darts. Apart from poker, the Stars Company has a casino and a sports section, but they are not as huge and important as Pokerstars. Anyway, they own a good amount of games and options for your stakes

And now, after this large introduction, it is time for you to discover how to start playing with Pokerstars. We hope you are ready and do not miss anything. Shall we begin? 

How to start playing with Pokerstars
Click on ‘Join’ to start your registration with Pokerstars.

How to start playing with Pokerstars

Now, what we do ask from you, is to pay attention and stay alert because we will tell you how to start playing with Pokerstars. Of course, first you need to create an account and we will tell you how step by step. Once your account has been created, you will be able to start your adventure with Pokerstars

Before you start playing with Pokerstars

Right before you can even start your registration with Pokerstars, search the bookie in your browser. Once you find yourself there, there is something you need to do first. Thanks to their free software, you will need to download the archive. Once you have it in your desktop, you will need to agree the ‘End User License Agreement‘. To launch Pokerstars on your PC, just click twice and it will pop-up on your screen. 

How to start playing with Pokerstars

Your registration step by step

Now that you have installed Pokerstars software, everything that comes now is a much easier process. Select ‘Create your Stars account now‘ and the registration sheet will display. This one will be divided in just two steps

First, you will need to enter your country of residence, a valid email and the corresponding password, and create an username to use with Pokerstars. Once you have checked all that information, click on ‘Next‘ to go onto the next step and thus finish your registation

The second and last step of this registration is even easier. All you need to do is ticking at least one of the boxes by which you will agree that you agree the T&Cs and that you are over 18. The second box is to tick if you wish to receive special offers and promotions from Pokerstars. When you are ready, click on ‘Create account‘ and you will be part of Pokerstars. Congrats! 

After you registered with Pokerstars

Now that you are a member of Pokerstars, it is time for you to discover everything they have to offer. And we are here to guide you through it. Whether you are a newby or an experience player, your experience will still be amazing

And of course, being a bookie specialised in poker, there are lots of games depending on what kind of poker you want. Sping & Go Max, MicroMillions 2020 or Omania are between the most played tournaments of the year for Pokerstars

If you are a fresher, do not forget to check the ‘How to play‘ section before you get to the point. There you will learn how to play poker for the first with a detailed manual on how to play it

In case you have any question or want to know about the Pokerstars system, do not hesitate to contact their amazing Customer Service. There you will be helped by an agent via their live chat. Check on the ‘Help‘ section and there look for the button ‘Need help?‘. 

How to start playing with Pokerstars
Enroll in poker tournaments like Sping & Go Max or Omania.

Before we finish…

We are done with this useful guide about how to start playing with Pokerstars. But just before we finish, we have to sum up your first experience with such a bookie specialised in poker

You got to know some history about one of the best bookmakers in the poker market, and how Pokerstars has risen between the best thanks to their amazing games and tournaments. Therefore, you will be linked playing with other players all over the world without any limits. 

Then you got to know how to start playing with Pokerstars, step by step, until you became part of such a big family like Pokerstars. And now it is time for you to enjoy, discover and take your poker experience to the very next level. We are pretty sure of this: Pokerstars will not let you down and therefore you will not be dissapointed. 

Just to finish, if this guide useful in any way to you, do not forget to check other guides to enjoy the best odds and promotions. Always with apuestasfree, your reference site when it comes to bets

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