How to register with Mr Green?

If you ever wondered how to register with Mr Green, one of the most original bookies in the market nowadays, this is your guide. Mr Green Casino has a lot to offer, and you shall know everything about it. The Green Gentleman has brought you the best odds and the best games for you to enjoy your experience with bets

Also, we will tell you all the good stuff about such a bookie like Mr Green. After telling you how to register with Mr Green, you will get to know how good things are done, by bringing you the best of the best. Always with apuestasfree, your reference site when it comes to bets

Shall we start? 

How to register with Mr Green
Click on ‘Create account’ to start your registration with Mr Green.

Before you register with Mr Green: some background history

The Green Man history starts back a long time ago, and the work Mr Green was doing was so great that it was acquired by William Hill in 2019. William Hill is considered one of the biggest and most important bookies in the market, so Mr Green was really doing things right and huge

Mostly focused on casino, the bookie has endless options to offer to their players. Whether you are into poker games, roulette, slots or play & win, there will always be a game for you. Of course, each one of these games have different rules and prizes just for you to win them! 

Talking about awards, Mr Green has received loads of awards thanks to their service towards their customers and being considered one of the best operators in the industry. 

But enough history, let us show how to register with Mr Green. After that, you will be a proper Mr Green member and you will be able to enjoy all of its advantages. Are you ready to start? Off we go! 

How to register with Mr Green step by step

Now, here we are. The Green Gentleman shall show you, through us, how to start your journey with Mr Green. For your better understanding of the registration process, we will explain everything step by step and in detail so you do not miss anything whatsoever

How to register with Mr Green

Your registration with Mr Green 

After you have searched Mr Green on your browser, you will find yourself in the Green Man main page. There you will be able to see everything Mr Green has to offer, but let’s not get stuck there. All that will come after you know how to register with Mr Green. Patience! 

All you need to start your sign up process is looking for the orange button saying ‘Create account‘. Once you click on it, your registration sheet will display in front of your eyes. Then we can start your registration

How to register with Mr Green step by step

As you can see, the registration is divided in three steps. But do not worry, we shall go through them one by one

First, enter your email, your password and your country of residence. And that is it the first step. Double-check all the information you enter just in case you made a mistake or want to enter another email. 

Second, Mr Green, as part of the verification process, will need to check if the information you enter is correct and 100% true. For that reason, enter your telephone number in the second step in order to receive a confirmation text message. Once you get it, please enter the validation code and you can go onto the third and final step

Once your data has been validated, the last step is the easiest. Enter your personal details, including full name (as shown on any passport or ID), date of birth, gender and the currency you want to use. Usually, it will depend on the country of residence you select and you will not be able to change the currency used. 

After that, your account will be ready to be created, before that accept the Terms & Conditions and use any bonus code if you have it. In order to confirm the creation of your account, click on the button and that should be it if there is not any further problems. 

Congratulations! You are now part of Mr Green! The Green Gentleman congratulates you! 

How to register with Mr Green
Apart from Casino and other games, check on Mr Green Sport.

After your registration with Mr Green

Now that you are fully a Mr Green member, one of the best bookies in the gambling market, and discovered how to register with Mr Green, it is your time to enjoy everything it has to offer. Thus, the Green Man is bringing you all kind of casino games, including slots or roulette. 

For example, Rome: Golden Age is one of the hottest games this week, together with other ones like Lucky Mr Green or Western Wilds. As we said earlier, every single game has its own rules and prizes, so Mr Green makes sure you find your kind of game and the jackpot it brings! 

Also, you have other options, like the sports section, which you can also try once you are a member. With a wide range of sports and options, you can choose between the hottest events happening in real time or plan your bet when the time comes. From football to snooker or horse racing, there is always a combined bet that can be made. 

Just a reminder: do not forget to check the live events happening in that moment, just in case you want to stake on that one. Also, you can review the odds on every single game, in order to build your bet any time. 

Before we finish… 

After we showed you how to register with Mr Green, and you became a full member, it looks like a long time ago. It has been quite a journey, but we really hope that it was in any kind useful to you. You indeed got to know one of the best bookies in the gaming market, Mr Green, by giving you some previous background. 

Then we explained you how to register with Mr Green step by step, in detail and you did not miss a thing! One more thing: the casino games and different options Mr Green has to offer sure are a huge discovering and there is always a jackpot waiting for you! 

Just to finish, as we always say, if this guide was in any way useful to you, please do not hesitate checking on other guides to discover the best odds and promotions. Always with apuestasfree, your reference site when it comes to bets

We speak bets!