Unibet Premier 2nd January: Bets on Aston Villa, Sotuhampton and Leeds United!

Unibet has become accustomed to great offers on all its gaming products. In this case, we’re going to talk specifically about the site’s Sportsbook, and the ability to place the best bets here. In particular, we want to tell you that this Sunday, January 2nd, when the new Premier League fixtures take place, Unibet will be offering a guaranteed high odds on selected matches. We explain all about it and tell you how to place your bet correctly. Sign up now at Unibet!

Unibet Premier League
Take advantage of Unibet UK’s increased odds on Premier this 2nd January

This January 2nd, bet on Premier League matches with Unibet UK

2021 closes and 2022 begins. The Premier League continues to run its course, so this weekend on the first and second of January there will be action and Unibet is picking up bets.

As you know, promotions are the order of the day at Unibet. There are increased odds, Welcome Bonuses, among other options. In this case, we are going to talk about the increased odds.

The promotion is simple: If you bet on Aston Villa, Sotuhampton and Leeds United, Unibet guarantees you odds of 9/1, well above what would normally happen.

First, Aston Villa will visit Brentford, in a duel that has them as favourites, although in the standings both teams are evenly matched. On the other hand, Southampton will host Newcastle, who are in need of points to get out of the relegation zone. Lastly, Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United face a key match. They will face Burnley at home, in a game that can define a lot in the fight to stay in the Premier League.

All the games on offer look very interesting. The possibility of betting with guaranteed high odds is a great option for you to consider. Log in to Unibet and unleash the game!


Unibet Premier 2nd January