Unibet Norwich & Aston Villa: Boost your betting combination for a win for both teams!

Are you a fan of the Premier League, do you like Aston Villa or Norwich? Well, then you should know that Unibet UK has launched a special offer that boosts the payout on an Aston Villa and Norwich win in their respective matches on Sunday 31 October. Join in and take part at Unibet!

Unibet Norwich & Aston Villa

Claim your increased odds on the Aston Villa and Norwich winnings combo: Take advantage of the 9-1 payout at Unibet!

The Premier League is halfway through the tenth round of the calendar. Each team is beginning to have more clarity about their possible outcomes. Chelsea and Liverpool are starting to come to the fore, although Manchester City are not losing track of them. The group of teams that are within striking distance of the top of the league table, however, is quite large.

However, one of the characteristics of the league in recent times is that any team can beat the leaders. Football, in general, has become much more even.

In that sense, the upcoming matches between Norwich and Aston Villa, against Leeds and West Ham respectively, look set to be highly exciting, and Unibet knows it.

For this reason, the increased odds offer has been launched for a combined offer including both matches. This is simply a guaranteed payout from Unibet at 9-1 if you bet on both Aston Villa and Norwich to win and get it right.

All you have to do to apply is log into your Unibet UK account (if you don’t have one, sign up now!), go to the Sportsbook and look on the left hand side for the “Odds Boost” tab. Once you click there, the site will direct you to the available boosted odds. Search through the “UK Specials” for this combination, place your bet and… Let’s wait for these two teams to win!

Unibet Norwich Aston Villa