Unibet Atalanta vs Villarreal: Betting on the match that closes Champions League Group F

Snow has arrived in several places in Europe. The Champions League can also be affected by it, and that is what has happened in the last Group F match. For that reason, Atalanta vs Villarreal will meet on Thursday, December 9, a day later than scheduled, and Unibet is still offering betting on the match. Below, we will look at the best variants to play and try to get some money on this match that will define many issues. Register now!

Unibet Villarreal Atalanta

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Due to the snow, the Champions League has been rescheduled. Atalanta vs Villarreal, the last Group F match due to be played, was postponed by one day. So, instead of being played on Wednesday, December 8, the clash will take place on Thursday, December 9.

It is a very interesting match indeed. Group F has its first place decided: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United cannot be displaced from that place. But everything remains to be seen in second place.

Spanish team Villarreal is currently second in the group with 7 points, 1 point behind the Italian team. The last Europa League champions will have to guarantee themselves at least a draw to qualify for the next round of the Champions League.

Atalanta, on the other hand, will try to snatch that place by taking advantage of their home condition. They currently have six points, and a win will be enough to secure the second place to qualify for the Champions League finals.

Whoever fails to qualify for the Champions League, is guaranteed a place in the Europa League Group Stage. That cup in which Villarreal have managed to win in the last edition.

For all these reasons, the match between Atalanta vs Villarreal looks very attractive, and the betting odds are growing at Unibet. The site is currently guaranteeing over 300 betting markets, and you can take advantage of the best odds. Up until the match kicks off this Thursday, pre-match bets are welcome at Unibet, and once the ball starts rolling you can place live bets. Register now at Unibet to play!

Unibet Atalanta vs Villarreal