MansionBet new customer offer: bet £10 and get £20.

MansionBet new customer offer: bet £10 and get £20.

Did you always thought that welcome offers were not good enough for you? Just wait. With MansionBet new customer offer, you will get £20 in free bets when you bet at least £10. How does it sound? The more you bet, the better. And of course, the prizes get bigger as you bet more.

If you were looking for a good sign up offer that would suit you, there you go. Mansion Bet welcome bonus gives you the security of betting with almost no risk, thanks to the amount in free bets that you get with your minimum deposit. And of course, with MansionBet you have the backup of one of the biggest bookies in the gambling market, specially in the UK. Now you want to read more, and we know it, so do not miss anything with apuestasfree.

MansionBet welcome offer
With MansionBet welcome offer bet £10 and get £20 in free bets.

About MansionBet and the new customer bonus.

First, you need to know some things about one of the best bookmakers in the whole UK market. MansionBet has been for so many years the main sponsor of some of the best Premier League teams, like Tottenham or Crystal Palace, and having partnership with side Manchester City. Aside from football, they also sponsor many sports events, like rugby, horse races, cricket or golf, so we can tell MansionBet is practically everywhere.

Now that you are familiar with one of the most complete bookies in the UK, you need to hear what the welcome offer brings. When you first bet with MansionBet using the welcome bonus (always with a minimum stake of £10), you will first be rewarded with £5 in free bets, and once you have used it, you will be given another x3 £5 bonuses in free bets. Besides, you can choose from a huge range of more than 30,000 live events.

But remember, every single time you receive £5 in free bets thanks to the welcome bonus, you must use them entirely in the time of 7 days. Otherwise, the unused amount will be lost. Plus, if you want to bet on multiple bets, keep in mind that these bets count on a 2.0 odds or greater. Eager to read more about this offer for new customers? Just keep reading and you’ll see.

Terms and conditions.

In order for you to have a full knowledge of MansionBet welcome offer, there is some boring stuff that needs to be read as well. They are just some basics you need to be aware of so you can freely bet with any bookie in the market.

  1. Offer only available for new customers. You need to be 18 years old or older to use the welcome bonus.
  2. You need to be a UK resident to accede to the Mansion Bet offer. The money is counted in GBP.
  3. Any information provided in the registration process must be verified. Even before you can enjoy the welcome bonus, the info needs to be proven true to avoid problems.
  4. The minimum stake to start betting with MansionBet is £10.
  5. The offer will be reduced to just one single person, IP, address or banks details.
  6. Gambling options like Cashed Out, system bets, Forecast or Tricast will not be available for this offer.
  7. Of course, live casino and virtual sports are neither included in the MansionBet welcome offer for new customers.
  8. Free bets are not to be used in the very same event. For example, you cannot bet on both players to win in the same tennis match.
  9. If you notice any problems with your registration or the bonus, please contact Customer Service.

But this is not it, we still have something else to tell you about the welcome offer. So far, it has been the basic stuff applied to any sportsbook and some aspects of the bonus itself.

Other aspects to be taken into account about the Welcome Bonus.

As said before, there are still other points that need to be read before you fully acknowledge how the MansionBet welcome offer works. After that, all you need to do is registering and start your adventure with MansionBet and their more than 30,000 live events. Are you ready for the final lap?

  • If you choose to reject the welcome offer and not use it, it will not be available for use later. This is a one-time event, only for new customers, so if you do not want to use it, it will be lost for good.
  • The maximum benefit you can make out of the free bets MansionBet is offering with the welcome bonus is to be £5,000. Anything beyond that number will not be taken into account.
  • In the case MansionBet notices any Terms and Conditions have been misused by trying to cheat or taking advantage of the welcome offer by means of a bug in the system or any other tricks, the promo will be removed. MansionBet reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time or making any changes necessary.

That is all about it. Now you have the full power to use the welcome bonus for new customers MansionBet is offering. And also, you also know any restrictions applied to the bonus, just in case you may have any issues or questions.

MansionBet welcome offer
Enjoy other promotions like Brace Insurance or 3-2 Win in order to win weekly prizes.

Additional MansionBet promotions.

Hold on! We still have something else to tell you! If you enjoyed that welcome offer and now you are looking forward to enjoy any other promotions, just keep reading for a moment. You will not regret it whatsoever.

If the Premier League is really your thing, do not hesitate. MansionBet brings you Premier League Brace Insurance, giving you up to £10 in free bets every time a brace is scored in the Premier League this season. Or if weekly games is what you like, here you have 3-2 Win, to win up to £5 in free bets by answering only three questions! Does it not seem easy? To enter any of these promos and read more about them, just click on this link.