Bet365 – More than 70 Q&A 2022

Bet365 FAQs: Questions and answers

In this page we will try to answer any question that you may have about the bookmaker bet365. We are talking about one of the most trusted bookies in the whole market in the UK, so just in case you would have any doubts about such a enormous bookmaker like Bet365. But we understand that many times you do not know exactly how this or that works, who are you gonna bet with, or just having any questions about where the money you are betting goes. That is why we are going to try to answer any question that may arise about bet365. Do you like Bet365? Vote for Bet365 as the best bookmaker in the UK. 

FAQs about who is Bet365

Is it a British bookie?

Bet365 owns a Game license that can operate in the whole UK, so we can say it is a British sportsbook. But in case that is not enough answer for you, you may find useful that Bet365’s HQ are located in Stoke-on-Trent. Out of the UK the name of the enterprise is Hillside (New Media Malta) Plc.

Is it listed on the stock exchange? 

In this moment, Bet365 is not listed on the stock exchange and it looks like the enterprise is not thinking about taking the step yet.

Can I bet legally in the UK? 

Yes, betting in the UK is legal through the website or through the mobile app that you can find on iOS, Android and other operating system thanks to the game license given by the regulating body in charge of gambling in UK.

Does Bet365 have any physical premises to bet in person? 

Unfortunately, Bet365 does not have many physical premises where you can do it over the UK, so depending on where you live you may find one near you or not. Mainly, the betting process is made online, as we said before, both through the website or the mobile app.

What football teams does Bet365 sponsor? 

Such a bookie is present in many sport event as the main sponsor. But it does not usually sponsor many football teams, that is why we have not seen it many Premier League teams in the recent years. The only exception has been Stoke City, being the main sponsor in the shirts for some years now. They currently play the Sky Bet Championship, the second division of the English football.

FAQs about the bookmaker Bet365

Now we are going to give you some answers about questions that many people ask themselves when they are interested in gambling with Bet365.

What is the difference between Bet365 and other bookies? 

Bet365 has the biggest betting catalog for any event, covering anything that you can bet on. If you do not find a bet that you thought of in Bet365, most likely it does not exist, because you will not be able to find it in some other bookie. Besides, the sportsbooks we are talking about has the highes rates, a great welcome bonus and with the main advantage that they have special bonuses for special events.

How is the Bet365 website?

The website has the corporate colours of the enterprise, green and yellow, but mostly green. As you can notice, it is a website with such a simple design and intuitive. You can see the main events as Live Events in the middle part. On the left side, we have the sports menu where you can bet with Bet365; the right side is used for some of the promotions that are available at that time. On that very same side, there is also a little spot for your stake as you start selecting the events you want to bet on. If you take a look at the superior central part of the Bet365 website, you will be able to see the main sections: sports, casino, Live, Poker and everything else. On the top right corner you can spot the details of your account with Bet365.

Does it keep the same structure when it comes to the Bet365 mobile app? 

Yes, the mobile app does keep quite a lot from the website, even the corporate colours are the same. But, due to a matter of space, the bets shown are not the same and the menu on the side does not appear like on the Bet365 site. On the other hand, the number of stakes are kept, also like the number of events to bet on, the very same services Bet365 offers and the option of watching live the events you have or that you are about to bet on. Simple!

How do I sign up with Bet365? 

In order to register with Bet365 the first thing you have to do is to visit the website, clicking here and it will take you directly to the offical site of Bet365. If you see a promo page, aka a Landon Page announcing a welcome bonus for Bet365, just click on the top section so all the registration process appears for you to fill it up. On the other hand, if what you see is the Bet365 main page, all you have to do is clicking on the top right corner where the registration button shows. Once you have clicked on that, you will be able to enter your own personal information. If you have any problems with entering your data, contact Customer Service, they will help you out. Remember that if you want to have the best bonus in Bet365, just type BONOAPP. It is just a bonus code that can be used during the registration process, and the good thing is that it does not change the quantity of the offer whatsoever.

How do I contact Bet365? 

Visiting the website so you know any way to contact Bet365.

What does it mean that my account is blocked? 

If your account is blocked, that means that you are not able to access to your Bet365 account temporarily. Therefore, you will not be able to bet, nor making any deposits or withdraws into your account. The blocking of your account might have occured for many reasons, like for example having made too many attempts to log in into your account. So in case you have entered your password incorrectly many times, or tried to enter in an ilegal way or sometimes just for your own security. If Bet365 detects that the info shown on your account might be in danger, it will be blocked.

How many tries do I have until my account gets blocked? 

Your Bet365 account will be blocked automatically by the third attempt introducing the password incorrectly. So you will basically have two tries when you enter your password before it gets blocked.

How can I restore my Bet365 blocked account? 

The best thing you can do is contacting the support team. That way, they will manually unlock your account and will tell you what steps you have to take next in order to restored your password. In case you do not remember your previous password, the support team will ask you for your 4-digit security code, previously assigned to your account.

What is the 4-digit code Bet365 is asking for? 

In any account, Bet365 needs to create a security code in case your account gets blocked or hijacked. For this reason, aside from your password, Bet365 asks for a 4-digit code (avoid using any familiar dates). Such security code will be demanded in cases where you have forgotten your password and you contact the support team.

How may I get my password back of my Bet365 account? 

In case you do not remember your password, click on the ‘Remember password‘ button. Then a yellow link will open up, right under the log in part. Once you click on that link, enter your user name, the email address you used when you registered, your birthdate and the 4-digit code we told you about. If you entered them correctly, you will be directed to the next step, so the system will allow your to restore your password with a new one. That way, you can get your Bet365 restored and you can use it again.

May I make any bets via phone? 

Not in general, but if you have any problems with betting through the website or the app, they may make an exception and take your stake on the phone. But keep in mind that it cannot be a live bet. In addition, the Customer Service will never ask you for your security password and you do not have to provide that information. If you have been allowed to bet through a phone call, verify that it is really you in some other way, but never give out your own Bet365 password.

FAQs about Live bets

If you are thinking about starting your adventure in live bets with Bet365 and have any questions, or you just want to know something else about what bet365 offers, this is your section. We will try to answer all those questions that may arise and always keep it clear so you have all the information in your hands when you are about to bet.

Can I make a live bet with Bet365? 

Of course, Bet365 offers a wide experience to anyone who want to make a live bet. In fact, it has been the bookie that has invested the most in these kind of bets, developing tools and systems now available in any other bookmaker. Therefore, you can make your bet in any way you want: simple, multiple and even taking payments in advance, watching all the stats live at any time.

May I watch live events on Bet365?

Yes, Bet365 is the sportsbook that offers the widest range of possibilities in the whole market even in live events. If you visit their site and your spot a play button next to the event, that means you can watch that event live, both through the site itself or through the app.

Do I have to pay for watching those live events? 

In order to watch anything you would like to bet on, but you previously need to been registered on Bet365 and have a balance in your account or have bet within the last 24 hours. If you fulfil those conditions, you can watch any live event thanks to the system without having to pay for it.

Are the same events available during them than before the event itself? 

Usually, the number of events you can watch once they have started is more reduced than they are about to start, since the betting stakes are different and the possibilities you can bet on are also reduced. It is really difficult for a sportsbook (even for Bet365) being updating the bets every single second of the event, but you really have an enormous range of events to bet before they start. Besides, Bet365 will be for sure the bookie where you can find more live events than any other bookie in the market.

Do the live bets have delay? 

Yes, right the opposite of when you bet pre-event, live bets on Bet365 are not 100% confirmed when you make your bet, so it does take some seconds. Live bets have a delay of around 3-5 seconds, the time your bet takes to be confirmed and in which the stake may vary. If that is the case, your bet will not be confirmed and the system will ask you if you would like to bet on the new odd, unless you have selected to place your bet whatever the odd is.

Can I use the Close Bet in Advance on live events? 

Yes, both on live and before the event takes place, this option is available with Bet365. As soon as the event is live, that choice will be available and therefore you will be able to use it.

FAQs about Bet 365 advantages

We will tell you why Bet 365 is one of the most used bookies in UK, so we bring you the advantages about this sportsbook so you fully know what it is about. As a consequence, you will be able to acknowledge where is going the money you bet.

Why is the most used bookies in the UK

What are the advantages of Bet 365 in comparison with other bookmakers?

First, the main advantage is their Welcome Bonus, not only for sports bets but also on casino or poker. Bet365 always offers the best bonuses and conditions and that is why it is worth to bet your money on them. Another benefit is that you can find almost any bet you can think of on their website, having the widest range of events to bet in the whole market. Third, they do have the best system concering live bets. And last, Bet365 accepts any payment method possible and without any commissions, so you can perfectly operate in their site without any problem. In addition, it is also remarkable the number of live events you can watch while you check on your bet. Top quality retransmissions, broadcasting more than 140,000 emissions troughout the year and growing.

FAQs about bets on Bet365

If you ever wonder if you are using all the types of bets there are, we will try to answer that as well in the following lines. Also, if there is any kind of bet you do not know yet, you will find out if you keep reading.

Can I bet the same way through the app and the website?

Yes, through the mobile app you will find the very same stakes you have in the site. But since it is a smaller screen, Bet365 displays them in a different way so you can find them. In the case they are harder to find, you just need to go through it thoroughly.

How many kind of bets can I make in Bet365? 

Just to start, we have to confess that it is almost impossible to relate all the bets you can make with Bet365, but we will try to number the most used ones. Pre-game bets Bets you make right before the event starts. Live bets These are the bets you make once the event has already started. Simple and multiple bets Bets you make on just one market. On the other hand, multiple bets happen when you bet on more than one market. You will need to get all of them right in order to win your bet. System bets This is a tricky one. It consist of a type of multiple bet where Bet365 offers you the possibilities to combine with your bet. A subcategory of this one would be the Canadian system: you choose 5 live events and Bet365 will offer you to combine them with any possibilites you can make more money. With handicap A kind of bet where you can bet on any advantage or disadvantage in the event selected. For example, you can bet on a football game where one of the teams wins the game with one goal average. Bets about stats You can bet on how many times one thing is going to happen in that event and that can be counted. For example, the goals in a football game, the cars retiring from the race or the points certain player will score in a basketball game are some of these stats. Bets on a certain result When you bet on the result, you are betting on the winner of that event, like a race or a some other event.

What is the service of Create your bet offered by Bet365?

That format allows you to created your own stake, clicking on the Create your bet button and selecting the bets you will bet on the same event. This way, the bookie will always offer you the best odds according to the events you bet on when you create your stake. Once the stake shows on the screen, you can always change it during the event, cancel it or accept. If you accept it, all you need is to confirm the amount you want to bet.

What about the option Confirm in advance?

In some stakes, we will be offered the possibility of confirming our bet in advance. In order to do it, you will spot an icon right next to the event indicating that you have the chance since the very moment you make the bet on Bet365. That way, we will have the chance to withdraw the money partially or totally. Usually, Bet365 gives the choice of withdrawing it completely before the event but with a discount on your profits.

Why would I want to collect in advance?

The main reason for this is that you may want to assure some profits even before the event takes place, or just to minimise the losings of that bet. Thanks to this tool, you will have the opportunity of not losing more than X money or assure X profit. This way, you will win money out of that bet one way or another, for good or bad.

FAQs about Bet365 bonuses

What is the code for the Bet365 bonus?

If you do not want to miss any bonuses that Bet365 is offering, you have to use the code BONOAPP. It does not matter if you will be betting on sports events, casino, poker or whatever. That code can be used in any case during the registration process, and so it will not change once you have completed your registration. When you enter it, you are making sure that you get the best bonus possible Bet365 can offer. As said before, it will not matter on what you will bet on or from where you are registering.

Where can I download the Bet365 app?

We recommend you to download the official Bet 365 app through their website, you can click on this link that will take you directly.

What versions does the app have? 

You can download it for your mobile device or your tablet, it does not matter if you have Android or iOs.

Is there an iOs version of the app? 

Yes, if you have a phone with iOs system, you will be able to download it at any time and enjoy your sports bets, casino or poker.

May I download the Bet365 app for Android? 

Yes, in the case your mobile device has an Android system, you will be able to get such app through the site. From that moment, you will be able to make your bets more easily.

Is it legal to bet through the Bet365 app?

Betting through the Bet365 app is totally legal, since the bookie possesses a Game License that allows them to make any kind of bets.

FAQs about payments methods and withdrawal

Before you make any deposit or withdrawal with Bet365, it is normal that you have some doubts about how to do it or how is it going to be. Or which ones are the best to use or the fastest. In the following paragraphs you will find out the best information possible so you can know which one to choose.

May I have several payment methods in my account?

Yes, you can use different payment methods. For example, you can have one for making deposits and another one for withdrawals, or just the very same for both purposes.

Does Bet365 accept virtual payment methods?

Yes, Bet365, but not all of them. Consult their webpage in order to fully know which ones are accepted.

Can I use bitcoin with Bet365 or any other virtual coins?

No. Every single bookmaker in the UK are regulated by the Government, and so it is not legal to bet using bitcoin, ethereum or any other. Not just Bet365, but any other sportsbook will not accept it either.

Will Bet365 request the password of my account? 

No, Bet365 will never ask you for any information about your account neither through the website or phone. If you are asked to give your password, please do not say it or answer that email. Whenever you have that issue, contact Customer Service directly or even the police. You might be a victim of a scam and somebody wants to take control over your account.

Does Bet365 charge any commissions when it comes to payments? 

No, they will never charge you for any of their services whenever you make a deposit or withdraw money. Perhaps a different payment method does it afterwards, but not that bookmaker.

Is it normal that additional info is requested when I am about to withdraw money? 

With Bet365, it is possible that you are asked for additional information when you are about to withdraw money from your account. Usually, they will ask you for a copy of your passport or a copy of your payment method. All this is for your own security, in order to verify that you truly are the person who is withdrawing money from your Bet365 account. And also, where the funds of that account are going to.

How do I make a deposit in my Bet365 account? 

In order to make a deposit with Bet365, just click on ‘My account‘ section. Then just select a payment method and the sum you would like to deposit. After that, just confirm the sum by clicking on the deposit button and your bank will receive a notification about it.

How can I withdraw money from my account?

In order to withdraw money from your own Bet365 account, whether totally or partially, all you have to do is clicking on the withdraw button on ‘My account’ section. Then, you just select the amount you would like to withdraw and confirm it. Once you enter your password, the system will start the process.

What is the minimum deposit with Bet365? 

The minimum amount of money you can deposit is £5, and so lower quantities will not be accepted as deposit.

FAQs about Bet365 itself

What is the Bet365 bonus code? 

The Bet365 bonus code is BONOAPP. Such code can be used during the registration process and it will not change the amount of the offer at any time.

What kind of bonus do I get when I enter the code BONOAPP?

With that code you will get the best and highest-rated promotion that Bet365 is offering at the moment. As said before, you can use it throughout the registration process and will not change anything at all.

Can I use the bonus code BONOAPP for any bets? 

Yes, you can use that code in order to make sports bets, casino or poker, assuring you that you get the best bonus in the market. Besides, it does not matter the amount of the deposit you made, and if you are going to bet on casino, poker or anything else. In the case you enter the code BONOAPP and you want to be make sports bets, you will receive £100 in free bets. If you are more interested in Poker365, your welcome bonus will be of £100 as well, always typing the cope we just gave you. Such credit will allow you to accumulate Bonus Points and free spins that you can use at any time. If you want to bet on the virtual casino, when you use the code BONOAPP you will get £100 for you to use in the Casino or the Slots you want on the Bet365 casino section.

Does Bet365 have a game license in the UK? 

Of course, Bet365 possesses a game license in the country, and so it is legal to bet with them according to the law.

What kind of bonus may I get with Bet365? 

The best promotion bonus you can get with Bet 365 is £100 in free bets when you register with them.

Can I make any sports bets with Bet365? 

Yes, both trough the app and the website, you will be able to make any bets including football games.

Is it better to bet through the app or the site? 

The experience is pretty similar in both cases, since the format of the site can adapt to any mobile device. That way, what you can see on your laptop will be the same than on your phone. Of course, some people prefer the app and some other people prefer the old way. But in any case, the experience and the speed of the system will be the same in both devices.

Do I need to download the Bet365 app in order to bet with my phone? 

No, it is not necessary to download the Bet365 app in order to bet with any mobile device. There is no need to get it on your phone.

What makes Bet365 so special? 

Mainly, the biggest difference is the wide range of live events you can find on Bet365 and all the options you have when you bet. In fact, this is the bookie with the biggest number of options when it comes to bets, no other else has so many. Besides, Bet365 has the best live bets system in this moment in the whole market.

How much is the Bet365 app? 

The Bet365 mobile app does not have any cost for you. If you find any platform that is charging you for downloading the Bet365 app, make sure it is the official app because it does not cost any money.